TR 181-0.25 Wildman Road Bridge Replacement

  • Before construction
  • Box culvert installation
  • After construction
  • After construction

In mid-April 2019 county crews began work on a box culvert replacement project on Wildman Road in Troy Township.  The old box culvert had exceeded its useful life decades ago.  After the old bridge was removed we excavated and hammered out the rock bottom then formed and poured concrete footers and placed a limestone sub-grade between footers.  The 8’ x 4’ precast concrete box culvert was designed and installed by Lindsay Precast.   The total cost of the project came to $94,526.

CR 34- Mush Run Road Bridge Replacement

  • Beginning of construction
  • After construction

In late March 2019, county crews began work on a box culvert on County Road 34- Mush Run Road.  Scioto Valley Precast constructed and installed the 10’x 5’ precast box culvert.  McKee Paving milled the 70’x18’ area, installed 3” of asphalt and rolled for compaction then installed 1.5” of surface material and rolled to a smooth finish.  Lastly, guardrail was installed to complete the project. The total cost of the project came to $111,767.