TR 225- Dover Township Hamley Run Road Bridge Replacement

  • Before construction
  • After construction

Dover Township’s Hamley Run Road bridge Replacement was surveyed, designed and built by the ACEO.   Surveyed, Designed, and built by ACEO.  The crews removed existing bridge and constructed 8’ x 8’ x 48’ box culvert.  Th total construction cost came to $181,960.21.

CR 20- East Scatter Ridge Road Paving Project

In September 2016, Nuko Paving began a 3 mile asphalt paving project on East Scatter Ridge Road.  The project consisted of 5 miles of cement base stabilization performed by ACEO and Reumac.  The total project cost was $561,703.35, the construction portion was $507,119.60, $400,000 of which was paid through an OPWC Issue 1 Grant.


CR 73- Wolfe Bennett Pavement Project

In November 2016, Shelly and Sands began a pavement project on Wolfe Bennett Road that consisted of 1.02 miles of cement base stabilization and 1.57 miles of asphalt paving.  The project was designed by ACEO with a total construction cost of $205,154.65, 95% ($194,926.85) of which was paid by AEP.


CR 1A- Happy Hollow Road Paving Project

  • Before construction
  • After construction

In August 2016, a 5 mile motor paving/chip and seal project began on Happy Hollow Road.  This was the first project in Athens County funded by the Eastern Federal Lands Access Program Grant (EFLAP)- $104,689 (80/20).  The project was designed, ditched and bermed by ACEO and constructed by Shelly Co. with the low bid of $129.884.40.

Pavement Striping Project

In the summer of 2016, Griffin Pavement Striping began a county wide pavement striping project, covering 28.13 miles of Athens County roads.  The project was designed by the ACEO with the total cost of $33,813.88.


CR 33B Slope Reconstruction

  • Before construction
  • Slope reconstruction

In Spring 2016, Parker Corporation began a slip repair project on Diamond Brick Road at the 1.57 mile marker.  They were the low bid on the project at $117,483.07.  The slope reconstruction method was used to repair this slip using rock channel protection.  The project was surveyed and designed by the ACEO and was ODOT emergency funded (80/20).

CR 75- Coolville Ridge Road Slip Repair

  • Before construction
  • After construction
  • After guardrail installation

Construction of a second slip repair project on Coolville Ridge Road began in September 2016.  The Alan Stone company was the low bid on this drilled shaft wall project at $220,225.  The construction portion of this project was funded 100% by ODNR and was completed in early November 2016.

County Curve Sign Upgrade

In 2016, the ACEO installed over 1000 signs on curves on county roads, which included 90 high accident locations.  100% of the material was paid for by a CEAO HSIP grant.  The total cost of the signs, posts and hardware was $49,077.56.

CR 36-3.63 Hooper Ridge Road Slip Repair Progression

  • Before construction- March 2018
  • April 2018- shoulder is completely gone
  • January 2018
  • After constructopn

This slip on Hooper Ridge Road  at the 3.63 mile marker was caused by the storms in February 2018 that resulted in the FEMA DR 4360 disaster funding declaration in April 2018.  The photos above show the progressive nature of these landslides.  The first photo was taken in March, 2018.  The shoulder is completely gone when the 2nd photo was taken in April, 2018.  The slip continues into the road surface (3rd photo, January 2019).  We received the FEMA obligated funding on January 16, 2019, about 11 months after the disaster began.  We combined this repair with three other drilled shaft wall repair projects and accepted bids on May 7th, 2019.  Alan Stone Company of Cutler, Ohio, was the low bidder at a cost of $ 80,460 for this slip repair, and a total cost of $ 315,470 for all four drilled shaft repairs (CR 36-4.89, CR 99-1.68, CR 39-0.94).  The wall construction on CR 36-3.63 was completed at on July 30th, 2019, and paving was completed on September 4, 2019.

  • CR 36-3.63: Drilled Shaft Wall (64 ft long) with concrete lagging panels ($ 80,460)
  • CR 36-4.89: Drilled Shaft Wall (48 ft long) with plug pile lagging ($ 55,970)
  • CR 99-1.68: Drilled Shaft Wall (80 ft long) with plug pile lagging ($ 82,970)
  • CR 39-0.94: Drilled Shaft Wall (72 ft long) with plug pile lagging ($ 96,250)

The Buckley Group provided surveying and engineering drawing services.  Terracon Consultants, Inc. provided soil borings and the drilled shaft wall designs.  True Inspection Services, LLC provided inspection and construction administration services.  This project was 75% funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Federal) and 25% funded by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (State).

We managed the construction of fifteen (15) of these drilled shaft projects in 2019 that were funded by FEMA/OEMA from the  February 2018 disaster known as FEMA DR 4360.